Steering Committee


Prof. Imrich CHLAMTAC


Prof. Imrich CHLAMTAC acts as General Summit Smart City 360° Chairman, President of the European Alliance for Innovation, Bruno Kessler Professor at University of Trento and Sackler Professor at Tel Aviv University.

Prof. Chlamtacs prior positions in Italy included CREATE-NET where he was the Founding President, and Bruno Kessler Professor at the University of Trento, ICT Department ranked first in the country. Prior to that Prof. Chlamtac served as Associate Provost for Research and Distinguished Chair in Telecommunications at the University of Texas in Dallas, the number one ranked young university in USA. His other academic appointments and honorary professorships include professorship at Boston University, University of Massachusetts, Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, the Sackler Professorship at Tel Aviv University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Prof. Chlamtac’s scientific recognitions include IEEE and ACM Fellowship, the ACM Award for Outstanding Contributions to Research on Mobility, the IEEE Award for Outstanding Technical Contributions to Wireless Personal Communications, New Talents in Simulation of SCS, Fulbright Scholarship, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer. He was listed in ISIHighlyCited.Com among the 250 most cited Computer Science researchers worldwide. Prof. Chlamtac is also included in the list of Notable People from the University of Minnesota where he received his PhD and holds an Honorary Citizenship in Slovakia where he was born.

Prof. Chlamtac published over four hundred refereed articles, and multiple books. He is the co-author of the first textbook on “Local Networks” (Lexington Books 1980), and IEEE Network Editor‘s choice and engineering books best-seller “Wireless and Mobile Network Architectures”. As part of his contribution to the research community, Prof. Chlamtac founded the ACM SigMobile, where he established ACM Mobicom and other leading conferences, and serves as Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Springer WINET and MONET journals.

Prof. Chlamtac is also a co-founder and past President of multiple startups in Europe, USA and Israel, including Boston Communications Networks, CONSIP Ltd the first network emulator company, and of BCN Ltd one of the largest system integrator companies in Central Europe.

Prof. M.A. Dagmar Cagáňová, PhD.

Professor, Faculty of Management, Comenius University Bratislava, Slovakia


Prof. M.A. Dagmar CAGÁŇOVÁ, PhD. acts as General Summit Smart City 360° Chairwoman, the co-founder of the European Alliance for Innovation in Slovakia, and at the same time full prof. in Economics and Management of Enterprise. Prof. Cagáňová is at present Vice-dean for Strategic Development, Projects and Innovations at the Faculty of Management, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. She is an International Advisory Council member of Danubius University, management committee member of E-COST (European Collaboration in Science and Technology), the executive committee member in Danubius Academic Consortium (Academic Network for Integral Innovation), as well as a member of iATDi (International Association for Technological Development and Innovations), vice-chairwoman of Cultural and Educational Grant Agency (Committee 3), Member of Accreditation Committee of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.

Prof. Cagáňová prior positions at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava were the Scientific Researcher, 1. Vice-director for Strategic Development and Foreign Affairs, Vice-director for Foreign Affairs and International Projects and Ambassador for International Relationships at the Institute of Industrial Engineering and Management, Vice-dean for International Projects at the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava, Visiting professor at the Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Zielona Gora, Poland.

Prof. Cagáňová’s professional interests, research topics, and international collaborations are mainly focused on Intercultural and Innovation Management, Managerial Skills, Communication in Management and Marketing, International Marketing, International Relationships and Diversity, Mobility and Smart Cities, and Gender Diversity. She has been the member of numerous journal editorial boards, co-editor of current content Special issues journals (MONET, WINET), an organiser, and a steering committee member of numerous domestic and international summits and conferences, has participated in 48 domestic and international projects as the project head and team member.

Prof. Cagáňová’s scientific and professional recognitions includes awards as the best habilitation thesis with title “Selected Aspects of Multiculturality Issues in Industrial Enterprises in the Slovak Republic” at the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (for the year 2011), award in the category The best scientific researcher at Institute of Industrial Engineering and Management, Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (year 2013), Letter of Appreciation from Technical University in Vienna for active involvement within FIBAA accreditation as a part of the project “Professional MBA in Automotive Industry”, Letter of Appreciation from French ambassador, H.E. Ch. Leonzi for active involvement and outstanding contribution within Smart City, Letter of Appreciation from Taiwanese ambassador, H.E. L. Tseng for active involvement and excellent organization of top representatives meeting among Taiwanese, Ukrainian, and Slovak Universities as a part of the Smart City Agenda.

To date, prof. Cagáňová has published more than 400 publications, 7 scientific monographs, 17 papers in current content journals with IF, 89 papers in databases WOS and 131 in databases SCOPUS and has over 700 citations, 359 of them in quotation databases WOS and SCOPUS, h-index in WOS is 9 and SCOPUS h-index 12.