Accepted papers

Changes of the calculation of the ride utilization coefficient due to the COVID-19 pandemicPoliak, Milos (University of Zilina); Poliakova, Adela (University of Zilina); Svabova, Lucia (University of Zilina); Hajduk, Iwona (University of Zilina); Nica, Elvira (Bucharest University of Economic Studies)
Mathematical Model of Transport Stream Sustainability at Road Network Areas During Traffic JamsVojtov, Viktor (State Biotechnological University); Muzylyov, Dmitriy (State Biotechnological University); Caganova, Dagmar (Comenius University Bratislava); Karnaukh, Mykola (State Biotechnological University); Kozenok, Anna (State Biotechnological University); Babych, Inna (State Biotechnological University); Ivanov, Vitalii (Sumy State University, Ukraine)
Machine learning regression model in MATLAB for predicting gas emissions during the pellet combustionCajova Kantova, Nikola (University of Zilina); Backa, Alexander (University of Zilina); Holubcik, Michal (University of Zilina); Caja, Alexander (University of Zilina); Nosek, Radovan (University of Zilina)
Air quality improvement based on the application of emission monitoring system with triangulation
Holubcik, Michal  (University of Zilina); Jandacka, Jozef  (University of Zilina); Nicolanska, Miriam  (University of Zilina); Cajova Kantova, Nikola  Research Centre, University of Zilina)
Loyalty programs in postal services in accordance with the concept of Smart CitiesKicova, Eva (University of Zilina); Fabus, Juraj (University of Zilina); Gajanova, Lubica (University of Zilina); Kramarova, Katarina (University of Zilina)
Supporting Smart Cities through Marketing Communication in the Field of Public TransportKicova, Eva (University of Zilina)
Optimization of 3D Computer Model Parameters for Spherical Elements ModelingPasternak, Viktoriya (Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University); Zabolotnyi, Oleg (Lutsk National Technical University); Caganova, Dagmar (Comenius University Bratislava)
Assessment of the Managerial and Marketing Changes in the German Pharmaceutical Market from the Point of View of the WholesalersGubiniova, Katari­na (Comenius University Bratislava); Erdem, Haslreiter-Yilmaz (Comenius University Bratislava); Pajtinkova Bartakova, Gabriela (Comenius University Bratislava)
A Qualitative Analysis of the Impact of Marketing Tools on (Over)Consumption in the B2C Market Depending on the Gender of CustomersGubiniova, Katarina (Comenius University Bratislava) ; Starchon, Peter (Comenius University Bratislava); Vilcekova, Lucia (Comenius University Bratislava); Erdem, Haslreiter-Yilmaz (Comenius University Bratislava)
Product Packaging in the Context of Unsustainability: Slovak Consumers’ Opinions on the Complexity of Selected Products and Their Excessive PackagingGubiniova, Katari­na (Comenius University Bratislava); Benda Prokeinova, Renata (Slovak University of Agriculture); Malgorzata A. Jarossova (University of Economics in Bratislava)
Digital Currency as an Option Payment for the Goods in E-commerceKremenova, Iveta (University of Zilina); Fabus, Juraj (University of Zilina); Koncova, Dominika (University of Zilina)
An engaging mobile application for tourists with gamification elements that promotes lesser-known coffee shops in the Copenhagen suburbsBjorner, Thomas (Aalborg University); Krupa, Maria (Aalborg University)
Intelligent Devices Used in HealthcareNovakova, Karin (University of Zilina); Haluskova, Bronislava (University of Zilina); Ristvej, Jozef (University of Zilina)
Methods of Choosing Technology for Improving the Environmental Indicators of VehiclesZakharchuk, Victor (Lutsk National Technical University); Zakharchuk, Oleh (Lutsk National Technical University); Tolstushko, Mykola (Lutsk National Technical University); Tolstushko, Natalia (Lutsk National Technical University); Shevchuk, Vitaliy (Uman National University of Horticulture); Shevchuk, Misha (Uman National University of Horticulture)
Unlocking Smart Mobility Potential in the Slovak Republic: A Comprehensive Analysis of Indicators, Clustering, and Regression InsightsKona, Andrej (University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius)
SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY FOR THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF MODERN URBAN AGGLOMERATIONSShramenko, Natalya (Baden-Wurttemberg Institute of Sustainable Mobility, Hochschule Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences); Hupfer, Christoph (Baden-Wurttemberg Institute of Sustainable Mobility, Hochschule Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences)
Increasing the Resilience of the Municipalities Citizens to Crisis Event with the Support of Social NetworksKubas, Jozef (University of Zilina); Ristvej, Jozef (University of Zilina)
Traffic light control with Deep Reinforcement LearningSkuba, Michal (University of Zilina); Janota, Ales (University of Zilina); Hrubos, Marian (University of Zilina)
Skills for future professions: the expectations and the realityOndruskova, Dana (Palacky University); Pospisil, Richard (Palacky University)
Assessment of Risks Significance in Degreasing and Pickling ProcessesMalindzakova, Marcela (Technical University of Kosice); Caganova, Dagmar (Comenius University Bratislava); Ivanov, Vitalii (Sumy State University, Ukraine)
Tools for Creating Business Models in Smart Cities
Patri­cia Janoskova (Univesity of Zilina); Bajza, Filip (Univesity of Zilina); Repkova-Stofkova, Katarína (Univesity of Zilina)
Current Challenges of Autonomous Vehicles in Relation to Regulatory Issues
Hornakova, Natalia (Comenius University Bratislava), Molnar, Frantisek Mark (Comenius University Bratislava); Caganova, Dagmar (Comenius University Bratislava); Michalikova, Martina (Comenius University Bratislava)
Big Data Analytics: A systematic literature review on fields of application as well as costs and risks in Management ReportingSimon Luca Kropf (Mendel University in Brno)
Image transmission in LoRaWAN – an experimental study on transmission timeBlaszczyk, Tomasz (Zealand – University of Applied Science); Jensen, Jonas (Cibicom)
Automatic Street Light Project Using Arduino & LDR SensorGawli, Palomi (Vishwakarma Institute of Technology); Pawar, Sagar (Vishwakarma Institute of Technology); Gele, Swami (Vishwakarma Institute of Technology); Warjurkar, Gaurav (Vishwakarma Institute of Technology); Somane, Srushti (Vishwakarma institute of Technology); Nagare, Atharva (Vishwakarma Institute of Technology)
The Impact of financial crises on the Dutch Pension SystemHuppertz, Jenna (University of Finance and Administration)
Use of Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain ManagementHuckenbeck, Jan (Comenius University Bratislava)
HydrolinkV., Ramya (Sri Eshwar College of Engineering); N., Pushpalatha (Sri Eshwar College of Engineering); T., Cheran (Sri Eshwar College of Engineering); S., Selavanayakam (Sri Eshwar College of Engineering); V., Yamunaa (Sri Eshwar College of Engineering)
Visual Verse: Automatic Image Description Generator using Deep LearningShaik Mitaigiri, Yasin Sulthana (VIT-AP University); Mulakalapalli, Likhitha (VIT-AP University); Gandla, Sreeja (VIT-AP University); Koneti, Jahnavi (VIT-AP University); Iqbal, Mohammad (VIT-AP University)
Motorization Of Vehicle PositioningS, Gowtham(Sri Eshwar Collage of engineering); R, Sudhev (Sri Eshwar collage of engineering); V, Sasikumar (Sri Eshwar collage of engineering); R, Manojkumar (Sri Eshwar collage of engineering); C, Mohanraj (Sri Eshwar collage of engineering)
Virtual influencer – a new phenomenon in the marketing communication or illusion?Nadanyiova, Margareta (AMBIS University); Gajanova, Lubica (University of Zilina); Majerova, Jana (AMBIS University); Michulek, Jakub (University of Zilina)
The effect of a face wall on a cellular structure during bendingMonkova, Katarina (Technical University of Kosice; Tomas Bata University in Zlin); Monka, Peter Pavol Pavol (Technical University of Kosice; Tomas Bata University in Zlin); Koroľ, Martin (Technical University of Kosice); Torok, Jozef (Technical University of Kosice); Beňo, Pavel (Technical University in Zvolen)