For foreigners who are abroad​

Applicants follow these steps to apply for Vietnam e-visa for foreigners:

  1. Step: Access the website
  2. Step: Fill in the personal information as required. Upload a portrait photo ( and passport ID page according to form No. 1 in the Decree.
    After completing the above information, you will receive an electronic profile code from the system.
  3. Step: Pay the visa application fee as prescribed (25 USD)
  4. Step: Use the provided profile code to check the results. If the visa is approved, use this code to print the e-visa.

For agencies and organizations that invite and guarantee foreigners​

Before applying for an electronic visa to a foreigner, the inviting or guaranteeing agency or organization must complete the procedures for applying for an account to access and use an electronic signature.

After being granted an access account and being allowed to use an electronic signature, the inviting and guaranteeing agency or organization prepares a visa application dossier for foreigners and follows these steps:

  1. Step: Log in to the electronic visa information page, access the declaration and submit the electronic visa application.
  2. Step: Fill in the foreigner’s information
    + Upload a photo of your passport profile page and a portrait of each foreigner
    + After completing the information, the system will issue an electronic file code to issue an electronic visa to each person.
  3. Step: Use an electronic signature to confirm the information
  4. Step: Pay the fee for the electronic visa application
  5. Step: Use the provided profile code to check the results. If approved, send the electronic application code to the foreigner to print the electronic visa.

Visa service intermediary: