Dr. Ammar Odeh


Novel Algorithm for Secure Medical Images


The wide availability of telemedicine applications, the availability of patient data in digital form, and the exchange between many medical and non-medical institutions make it imperative to pay attention to providing the three security principles: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Authenticity (CIA). Putting sensitive patient information at risk, whether by alteration or unauthorized access, or any form of tampering, which results in physical, moral, or even social harm, and may not be repaired.


Ammar Odeh received his Ph.D. Degree in Computer science and Engineering with a concentration in Computer Security (Steganography) from the University of Bridgeport. He received an M.S. degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Reverse Software Engineering and Computer Security from the University of Jordan, College of King Abdullah II School for Information Technology (KASIT). In 2002, he finished his B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science and applications from the Hashemite University, Prince Al-Hussein Bin Abdullah II for Information Technology. During his Ph.D., he worked as Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, and Instructor. He is currently an assistant professor in computer science at Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan.