Program – stream 2

Mobility IoT 2020 will be held in an online interactive format via a Zoom Meeting.
Stream 2 takes place on the 4th of December, starting at 9 AM – Portugal time zone (GMT)

Opening speech by General Chair of Mobility IoT 2020: Dagmar CAGÁŇOVÁ
Welcome message by EAI Conference Manager
Welcome message by EAI Community Manager
Keynote speech: Milan EDL: Ecosystem as a Tool for the Development of the REGION – the Pilsen-Type Ecosystem
Session opening (Papula) Transformation of Paradigm in Management of Organizations in the Context of Industry 4.0
Session 1
Lucia Kohnova, Nikola Salajova: Agile organization: Introducing self-managed teams
Miloš Hitka, Dagmar Cagáňová, Silvia Lorincová, Jozef Metke, Žaneta Balážová: Customers‘ Preferences in Mobile Marketing in the Southeast Asian Countries
Katarina Stachova, Alexandra Barokova, Zdenko Stacho: Optimization of employee turnover through predictive analysis
Emil Wojčák, Michaela Poláková, Lukáš Copuš, Juliet Horváthová Suleimanová: Organization and Flexibility: How to build a Resilient Organization in the Context of Industry 4.0?
Andrea Gažová, Zuzana Papulova, Emília Papulov: Strategic Approach to Successful Implementation of Innovation Changes in SMEs
Jana Blštáková: The importance of human resources for the sustainability of business models in the era of industry 4.0
Coffee break
Session 2
Silvia Treľová, Lenka Procházková: The Influence of Digital Technologies on Performance of Work and its Legal Regulation
Mauro Romanelli: Driving smart cities through smart projects
Christine Hinrichsen, Richard Pospisil, Ondrej Krocil: The Effects of a Smartphone-Application on Learning Transfer Under the Aspect of Virtual Leadership
Zuzana Joniaková: Development of tariff systems and their role in creat-ing a remuneration system
Katarina Stachova, Lucia Kohnová, Natália Vosátková: Prediction of the relevance of employees’ competencies in context of organizations strategies change
Christian Korge, Stephan Pritzl, Zuzana Papulova: Digitalization in transport logistics due to COVID-19: A case study from Germany
Katarina Stachova, Zdenko Stacho, Dagmar Caganova, Alexandra Barokova: Progress in the use of tools for the selection of employees at the time of digitizing
Matej Kostrec, Bohumír Štědroň: Brain-Computer Interface and Human Rights
Zdenko Stacho, Ján Gróf, Michal Lukáč: Prediction of changes in managerial competencies in the period of digitization
12:30 13:00Lunch break
13:25 15:00KEYNOTES for CALIPER WORKSHOP, Chair: Dagmar Cagáňová
13:25: Keynote speaker: Assoc. Prof. Pavel Žufan, Ph.D.
Title: Linking Research and Innovation for Gender Equality – Gender Equality at Mendel University, Brno, Czechia
14:30 Keynote speaker: doc. Ing. David Tuček, Ph.D.
Title: Gender equality in context of research and development at TBU and FAME
15:00 15:10Coffee break
15:10 16:50Session 3
Vít Rouč, Štěpán Strnad: Smart Factory as the top of the development of the industrial revolution in Czech countries
Marian Halaj, Martina Halás Vančová, Katarína Močarníkova: The Decision-Making Process in Jaguar Land Rover Nitra
Václav Soukup: Industry 4.0: From smart factories to artificial intelligence
Bassem Ali Abdou: Commercializing M2M eSIM Networks
Vincent Omollo Nyangaresi: Secure algorithm for IoT Devices Authentication
Bilal Hoteit, Ali Abdalla, Ahmad Faour, Alex Awad, Alexandru Sorici, Adina Magda Florea: AI Planning and Reasoning for a Social Assistive Robot
Lucia Kohnová, Ján Papula: Applicability of Hajnal line: impact of culture on country performance in current era
Marian Halaj: Industry 4.0 Implementation and Corporate Strategies under the Conditions of Slovak Republic
Milos Hitka, Lars Wester: Shopfloor management as a lean management tool
Alanoud Subahi, George Theodorakopoulos: Automated Approach to Analyze IoT Privacy Policies
16:50 17:00Closing speech
Closing ceremony by General Chair Dagmar CAGÁŇOVÁ; Award of the best paper