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4th EAI International Workshop on Security and Privacy Challenges in Smart Cities

November 29–30, 2017 | Helsinki, Finland

Intellectual Capital as a Key Factor in the Automotive Industry
Dagmar Cagáňová, Petra Ridzoňová Hlásniková, Natália Vraňaková, Andrea Chlpeková


The Analysis of the Slovak Citizens' Awareness about the Smart City Concept
Dagmar Caganova, Augustín Stareček, Natália Horňáková, Petra Hlásniková
Proposal of recommendations for early stage companies to raise capital through an equity based crowdfunding campaign
Petra, Rastislav
Decentralized Networks: The Future Internet
Kremenova, Iveta; Gajdos, Milan
Application of Exact Methods in Employee Selection in Accordance with the Age Management Concept
Natália Vraňaková, Kristína Koltnerová, Andrea Chlpeková
The Security Challenges to the Technological Development: a Practical Case Study of Organizational Awareness to the Security Risks
Paulo Rogério, Ricardo Jorge, Teresa Pereira, Pedro  Pinto
Social Innovations in Smart Cities – case of Poprad Husar, Milan Decentralized Networks: The Future Internet
Kremenova, Iveta; Gajdos, Milan
Serverless Architecture on the Cloud for Real-time Integration Protocols between Heterogeneous IoT Devices
Malik, Mashal; Waheed, Kamil