Full Program

1st DAY

21/11/2018 – First day venue – Hotel de Guimarães

08:30 – 09:15



– 09:30


Opening ceremony – Welcome Speech



(Co-founder of EAI SK, Former Vice-dean at Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava)

General Chair of Mobility IoT 2018



(Rector of Danubius University, Galati Romania)

General Co-Chair of Mobility IoT 2018


– 10:00

Keynote speaker: Predrag K. NIKOLIC (Professor at Shantou University in China and Former Vice-dean of the University of EDUCONS)

Designing Playful Cities: Audio-Visual Metaphors for New Urban Environment Experience

Authors: Predrag K. Nikolic, Hua Yang


– 10:30

Keynote speaker: Neven VRČEK (Dean of the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb)


Smart products and new cost benefit paradigm


– 11:00

Coffee break


– 12:30

Hosted by: Dagmar CAGÁŇOVÁ


Invited paper: Communication management in multi-client system using SMS gateway


Authors: Peter Pištek, Hudec Martin


Invited paper: Governance of Network State

Author: Marcel Ševela


Invited paper: Use of modern technologies at baggage tracking and its impact to airline revenue

Authors: Matúš Bozogáň, Soňa Hurná 


Invited paper: Evaluation of parking policy in Bratislava in the context of economic growth and automotive transport development in Slovakia


Authors: Július Golej, Daniela Špirková


Paper: How Millennials will Use Autonomous Vehicles


Authors: Pakusch Christina, Stevens Gunnar, Schreiber Dirk


Paper: Performance comparison of zoning techniques in geographic forwarding rules for ad hoc networks


Authors: Souidi Mohammed, Habbani, Ahmed


– 14:00


14:00 – 15:30

Hosted by: Dagmar CAGÁŇOVÁ


Keynote speaker: Jozef JANDAČKA (Rector, University of Žilina)


Aspects Affecting Emissions Production from Small Heat Sources


Authors: Jozef Jandačka, Michal Holubčík


Keynote speaker: Jozef RISTVEJ (Vice-rector, University of Žilina)


Enhancing Resilience by Understanding Smart City and Safe City Concepts and their Common Systems


Authors: Jozef Ristvej, Maroš Laciňák



Paper: EDGE4ALL – Edge Computing for Smart City


Authors: Martins Ricardo Manuel Santos, Santos Henrique, Lopes Sérgio, Leite Aníbal, Matos Álvaro, Cunha Paulo


Paper: Building Ecosystem to Support Social Mobility for Person with Disabilities (PWD): Malaysia Context

Author: Ruhiyati Idayu Abu Talib, Mohd Shahrizal Sunar, Predrag K. Nikolic, Ruzimi Mohamed


– 15:45

Coffee break


– 16:15

Networking session: Dagmar Cagáňová (Former Vice-dean at MTF STU)

E-platform for Improving Collaboration among Universities

and Industrial Enterprises in the Area of Education

16:15 – 17:30



Invited paper: Managerial Skills for Innovation Support


Authors: Vladimír Švač, Dagmar Cagáňová


Invited paper: The Effect of Bankruptcy on the Intangible Assets Valuation


Authors: Miriam Šefčíková, Dagmar Cagáňová, Richard Jurenka


Invited paper: Smart Solutions for Big/Small Cities


Authors: Michal Balog, Angelina Iakovets, Lucia Knapcikova


Invited paper: Analytic Network Process as a Tool of Innovative Management at Manufacturing Technology Selection


Authors: Peter Monka, Katarína Monková, Andrej Andrej, Jozef Tkáč, Vladimír Duchek, Milan Edl, Helena Židková


Invited paper: Are Home-based Businesses New Trends in Working Environment for Youth and Senior Entrepreneurs in Europe?


Authors: Anna Pilková, Marian Holienka


Invited paper: The Smart Logistics


Authors: Dagmar Cagáňová, Richard Jurenka, Natália Horňáková, Miriam Šefčíková


Invited paper: Development of Employee Commitment Extent in Innovation Processes in Slovak Organisations


Authors: Katarína Stachová, Zdenko  Stacho , Dagmar Cagáňová


Invited paper: Scheduling heuristic to satisfy due dates of the customer orders in mass customized municipal serVices


Authors: Vladimir Modrak, Pandian R. Sudhakara

Invited paper: State of art and challenges of robotics in Slovak Republic


Authors: Miroslav Balog, Ľubica Kotorová Slušná, Jozef Herčko

Invited paper: Concept of the Factories of the Future in Slovak industrial companies


Authors: Jozef Herčko, Miroslav Fusko, Ľubica Kotorová Slušná

Invited paper: Possibility Of Accelerating Power Signal Calculation In A System Of Internet Of Things


Authors: O.N.Choporov, A.P.Preobrazhenskiy, I.Ya.Lvovich


Invited paper: Bike Sharing – As Urban Transport Solution in a Small City


Authors: Mária Holienčinová, Zdenka Kádeková, Tomáš Holota, Ľudmila Nagyová,


Invited paper: Communication Tools of Social Enterprises in the Czech Republic and European Union Data Protection


Authors: Richard Pospíšil, Ondřej Kročil


Invited paper: Cooperation models for employee education: analysis on Slovak and Czech companies


Authors: Lucia Kohnová, Ján Papula, Zuzana Papulová


Invited paper: The platform of production capacity exchange management as a support for implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept

Author: Sebastian Saniuk


Invited paper: Industry 4.0 – the need of rethink strategic planning

Author: Anna Saniuk



2nd DAY

22/11/2018 – Thursday – 1. SECTION, CENTRO CULTURAL VILA FLOR 


– 12:30

SMART City 360


– 14:00



– 14:30


Keynote speaker: Pedro Filipe Cunha (Director of CENI)


Design, Developing and Implementing Cyber-Physical Systems – A Perspective Based on Some Portuguese’s initiatives


– 15:30

Hosted by: Dagmar CAGÁŇOVÁ


Networking Session: “Cult Open” and intercultural Competency in the Context of Integration of Migrants


Invited paper: Migration and Diversity Potentials for the Labour Market


Author: Petia Genkova


Invited paper: Gender differences in the Income of Employees over 50 with Emphasis on Various Sectors of Economy


Authors: Naďa Hazuchová, Hana Pokertová, Martina Rašticová


Invited paper: CHANGE towards Gender Equality in research funding organisations

Author: Janne Haack


– 15:45

Coffee break


– 17:00

Hosted by: Dagmar CAGÁŇOVÁ


Networking Session: Catarina Dantas Machado


(European Commission, representation in Portugal)


Invited paper: Cost Analysis of Telemedicine Implementation in the lens of Healthcare Sustainability: a Review of the Literature


Authors: Gabriele Palozzi, Chirico Antonio, Gabbrielli Francesco


Invited paper: Rediscovering Urban Smart Communities


Author: Mauro Romanelli



Invited paper: Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Sector: Empirical evidences of IoHT Benefits and Limits on chronic disease management


Authors: Gabriele Palozzi, Binci Daniele, Schettini Irene


– 17:30

Closing and awarding ceremony



2nd DAY

22/11/2018 – Thursday – 2. SECTION,  HOTEL DE GUIMARÃES


– 12:30

SMART City 360


– 14:00



– 15:00

Simultaneous program with 1. Section


Keynote speaker: Pedro Filipe Cunha (Director of CENI)


Design, Developing and Implementing Cyber-Physical Systems – A Perspective Based on Some Portuguese’s initiatives


Networking Session: “Cult Open” and intercultural competency in the context of integration of migrants


– 15:30

Hosted by: Miriam ŠEFČÍKOVÁ                                                     /Hotel de Guimaraes/


Paper: Intelligent Hardware-Software Platform for Efficient Coupling of Water-Energy Nexus in Smart Cities: A Conceptual Framework


Authors: Pindoriya Naran, Duchon Markus, Gupta Pragya Kirti, Pampana Venkatesh, Singh S. N., Giza Jakob, Hackenberg Bastian, Rajput Arvind Kumar, Jethi Janki


Paper: Simulator for Smart City Environment

Authors: Martins Ricardo Manuel Santos, Santos Henrique, Leite Aníbal, Matos Álvaro, Cunha Paulo


– 15:45

Coffee break


– 17:00

Hosted by: Anna SANIUK                                                                 /Hotel de Guimaraes/


Paper: Smart Collaborative Learning Environment for Visually Impaired Children


Authors: Ruhiyati Idayu Abu Talib, Predrag K. Nikolic, Mohd Shahrizal Sunar, Rui Prada


Paper: Tested on IT communication in Smart Grid: a cyber security demonstration


Authors: Soupionis Yannis, Andreadou Nikoleta, Benoist Thierry


Invited paper: Smart Surveillance Systems and Their Applications


Authors: Mircea Petic, Andrei Braicov, Ivan Budanaev, Marco Cosentino, Walter Matta, Alessandro Mattiacci 


Paper: Software-Defined Networking for Smart Buildings: Advances and Challenges


Authors: Mammeri Zoubir, Younus Muhammad Usman


Paper: Identifying Points of Interest and Similar Individuals from Raw GPS Data


Author: Andrade Thiago


Paper: FMWare: IoT-based Fleet Management System


Authors: Flinner Patrick, Lim Jung Soo, Abbott Russell, Urbina, Sammy, Al Rawi Mohammed


– 17:30

Closing and awarding ceremony